Creepy Clown Chase

It’s that time of year when Creepy Clowns inhabit Heber and you must run for your life. The Creepy Clown Chase 5k is an obstacle run with Creepy Clowns motivating you to run! Creepy Clowns will chase you and try to squirt you with blood!

The race course follows a route through Creepy Clown infested fields, parks and streets in Heber. As we all know, Creepy Clowns like to chase you over walls, through drain pipes, over hills and bales. The course is comp

lete with Army boot camp like obstacles that test your strength, agility and endurance. You will come in contact with natural and man-made obstacles and Creepy Clowns will try to mark you (squirt bottle) with fake blood.

Creepy Clowns will start the race with blood in a squirt bottle, and if they get some on you then you have fallen victim to their creepiness and will most likely die (or at least slow down). Don’t worry the blood is non

toxic (corn syrup and food coloring) and although these creepy clowns won’t hurt you…they will get close enough to scare you to the finish line!

If the Creepy Clowns get blood on you, you are his victim and die, and won’t be eligible to win a trophy. But don’t panic! If you get bloody and dead, you can be revived! All you need to do is stop at a medic station (2

locations) and A LOCAL FIRE FIGHTER will prescribe a short exercise or task (song, dance) in order to save your life. He will give you a sticker that you must wear to the finish line. That sticker will allow you to keep running for your life and possibly win a trophy.

Even if you are bloody and dead, you should still finish the race and keep on trying to out run Creepy Clowns. If you cross the finish line bloody and dead….you won’t win a trophy, buy you will still get a cool T-Shirt!

To Win: You need to be the first male or female STILL ALIVE OR WITH A STICKER to cross the finish line. In the following age groups:

  • BRAVE – Under 13 (Creepy Clowns love tender flesh)
  • DASHING – 13 - 18 (Creepy Clowns love fast food)
  • FEARLESS – 19 - 30 (Creepy Clowns love a good challenge…makes everything taste better)
  • GUTSY – 31 - 49 (Creepy Clowns love tripe)
  • FOOLHARDY – 50 and over (Frightened flesh tastes the best)

Obstacles: can be “skipped” if you're willing to live with the shame. Creepy Clowns think you are delicious when you skip the hard parts. Failure to follow ANY rule will result in being removed from the course and tied to a post while Creepy Clowns eat your flesh!

  • No touching the Creepy Clowns as they are only trying to mark you with some fake blood. Creepy Clowns DO NOT HAVE ANY WEAPONS AND WON’T TOUCH YOU OR HURT YOU. You can run, you can jump, you can evade, you can scream…but don’t leave the race course or you will be disqualified.
  • Water Stations are located on Correll Avenue and at the finish line.
  • Restrooms are located on Correll Avenue and at the finish line
  • Fire Fighters are located on Correll Avenue and the finish line for first aid treatment.


  • Contact between Humans and Creepy Clowns is strictly forbidden. Violators will be disqualified and/or arrested. Security and Sheriff’s Deputies will be present throughout the race to ensure Creepy Clowns and Humans behave. This is no joke. We want a safe and fun race. Just treat others as you want them to treat you…or your mother…or your kid. You get the point. Mind your manners!
  • Cheating such as skipping an obstacle will result in disqualification for receiving a trophy for being the first male or female to cross the finish line. You can still walk the race and skip obstacles, but you just can’t win the trophy…but you still get an awesome T-shirt.
  • All Humans must wear their racing bib.
  • It is recommended you line up 10 minutes prior to start time of 4:30pm.
  • You may not participate if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Save the partying for after you escape the Creepy Clowns. A beer garden will be open at Tito Park. Again security and Sheriff Deputies will be at the event.
  • Weapons or metal objects are not allowed on the event property.
  • Food and beverage will be available for purchase at the Heber Fall Fiesta at Tito Huerta Park.
  • Animals are not permitted on the event property.
  • The Creepy Clown Chase 5K is a non-smoking event.
  • No strollers or wheeled conveyances are allowed to be on the race course.
  • Shoes MUST be worn at all times.

How Do I sign Up?

You can sign up on our website or at Eventbrite. Or you can stop by the HPUD office and sign up during office hours. We are located at 1078 Dogwood Road, Suite 103, Heber, CA 92249.

Where Do Report?

Pick up your bib and T-Shirt at Tito Huerta Park on the Chase Day (October 28th). Please report to the sign in station at least 30 minutes before start time, which is 4:30pm.

May I wear a costume?

Yes! Absolutely! We encourage uniqueness and creativity.

What do I receive for participating?

  • Racing bib and a couple of safety pins. Careful not to poke yourself Creepy Clowns love fresh blood!
  • An awesome Creepy Clown Chase 5K T-shirt to prove you can run faster than a Creepy Clown and are not afraid of anything!
  • New Human and maybe Creepy Clown friends
  • A great time
  • A brand new outlook on life


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