Fall Fiesta Parade

TO ENTER: Complete and return the attached form PRIOR to October 20, 2017. Late entries must be approved by the Parade Committee prior to acceptance in the parade. Parade orders and staging information will be sent to accepted entries prior to the parade. No entries will be accepted after October 20, 2017. Completed forms may be faxed to (760) 353-9511, delivered to HPUD 1078 Dogwood Rd., Suite 103, Heber, CA 92249, or E-Mailed to heber@heber.ca.gov.

ENTRY FEE: All entries will be charged a fee of $20 dollars. Official school groups (Band/Drill Team/Clubs) will have their entry fee waived.

FLOATS: May carry only the name of the sponsoring firm or organization in addition to the theme wording – “Fall Fiesta”. NO other themes will be accepted. To be eligible for judging, floats must be in position by 9:00am, October 28, 2017.

ENTRY TROPHIES: Will be presented to the FLOATS prior to the parade. Winners not picking up their trophies prior to the parade may pick them up at “Tito” Huerta Park at 2:00pm or at the Heber Public Utility District office during normal business hours.

BANDS/DRILL TEAMS: Bands and Drill Teams will be judged on their performance during the parade and as performed before the judge’s stand, which will be located on the corner of Palm Avenue and Hawk Avenue.

TROPHIES: Will be presented to a winning entry representative at “Tito” Huerta Park at 2:00pm on Saturday, October 28th. Awards not collected at that time may be picked up at the Heber Public Utility District office during normal business hours.

JUDGING: Decisions of the judges will be final.

GENERAL RULES: The Heber Public Utility District reserves the right to refuse any entry to the parade.

    Forward motion must be maintained at all times. No 3 wheelers allowed. If entry or participant is under 18 years of age, age must be given and entry form must be signed by parent or guardian. No loud noises or explosions allowed.
Parade Map
Parade Entry Form